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Anshi PHARMACEUTICAL (ZHONGSHAN) INC. was founded in 2003 by Mr. Xu Xiaoxian who also is the founder of Livzon and the pioneer of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. It is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific Research & Development, production and marketing. Our manufacturing facilities and quality testing equipments set up in strict accordance with US FDA GMP regulations and standards. In 2010, Anshi Pharmaceutical (ZhongShan) Inc. passed US FDA on site inspection for both tablet and softgel workshop, and till now Anshi has passed US FDA inspection for four times. Anshi exports drugs and nutraceuticals to USA, Canada, Europe and South-East Asia.
Our product groups:
Day&night time softgel for cold or flu,Docusate sodium softgel,Diphenhydramine hydeochloride softgels,simethicone softgel,APAP softgel,Benzonatate softgel,cidosporin softgel,Ursodeoxycholic acid capsules,Methimazole tablet,Aspirin Enteric coated tablets,sildenafil citrate tablets,Loratadine tablet,Ibuprofen Tablets,Folic acid tablet,Valacyclovir Hydrochloride tablets,Doxofylline for injection,Levofloxacin Mesylate for injection,Daptomycin for injection,Soybean vitamin D softgels,Fish oil softgels,Vitamin D softgels,Conjugated linoleic acid glyceride softgels,coenzyme Q10 softgels,Natural Vitamin E softgels,Milk minerals gelatinous candy,Algal oil DHA gelatinous,Probiotic complex solid drink,Acerola cherry fruit candy,salina chewing candy,Mint flavour gelatomous candy,Coconut oil celatomous candy,Calcium supplyment with vitamin D chewable tablets,Calcium supplyment with vitamin D chewable tablets for Children,Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D3 Granules
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