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JenKem Technology Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2001 by experts in PEG synthesis and PEGylation, JenKem Technology specializes in high-purity, low polydispersity polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives, PEG co-polymers, monodisperse PEGs, custom PEG derivative synthesis and PEGylation services. Specific strengths are supported by access to bulk ethylene oxide and the performance of all polymerizations and derivatizations in-house. JenKem Technology supplies PEG derivatives worldwide, from R&D through GMP commercial quantities, for preclinical, clinical trials, and commercial products for pharma, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Capabilities Development and manufacture of a wide range of PEG and PEG co-polymer derivatives with high purity and low polydispersity, currently in 1 gram to 40 kg or greater sized batches, under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified Quality Management Systems, following ICH Q7A guidelines. Capable of operating under cGMP protocols for regulated customers. Custom PEGylation of proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and small molecules; and conjugation of PEGs to other polymer systems. Intellectual Property JenKem Technology has patented many PEG technologies and respects the intellectual property of others. JenKem Technology has 31 patents granted in China, 15 in US, 7 in Europe, 3 in Japan, 44 pending patent applications as of February 2019, and many other innovative technologies under development. JenKem Technology can file DMFs with the US FDA and has the capability to file for patents worldwide to protect customers’ interests.
Our product groups:
Y-shape PEG NHS Ester,MPEG2 NHS Ester,PEG synthesis and PEGylation
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