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  • The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System 2019
The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System 2019


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Date:06月18日 12:30 - 06月19日 16:30

Language: Chinese-English

Location:Hall N5 M51 Meeting Room

Introduction:‘The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System 2019’has, since its initiation in 2013, been insisting in the key value of ‘Innovation and Humanity’ and interacting with advanced international products and technologies. Every year the Summit attracts professionals from the R& D divisions and decision makers for procurement of the finished dosage and biopharmaceuticals sectors. The International Summit for Pharmaceutical Packaging & Drug Delivery System 2019 will focus on the packaging process and design for solid preparations and injections.


  • June 18:Packaging Design & Materials --- Health Products & Drugs
  • 13:00-13:40 Challenges of Packaging in the New Market Environment and Green Innovation Trends

    Xing Wenbin  The China National Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute (CEPI)  

  • 13:40-14:20 Compression Blow Forming: a new technology for pharmaceutical containers - CBF (Compression Blow Forming) technology pellet to container - Comparison with other technologies - CBF benefits for your business

    Riccardo Morsiani  SACMI Group  Sales Manager

  • 14:20-14:40 Tea Break & Networking
  • 14:40-15:20 Packaging Materials and Technology of Drugs & Health Products

    Jinyu Xu  Aland  Packaging Engineer

  • 15:20-16:00 How to Strengthen the Connection between Consumers and Products through Packaging Design

    Grace Li  Amway  Senior Packaging Engineer

  • June 19 : Packaging Material and Whole Packaging Design of Solid Preparations
  • 10:00-10:40 Comparison of Chinese and American Regulations on Pharmaceutical Packages

    Alex Hu  Fresenius Medical Care  Senior registration manager

  • 10:40-11:20 Progress of General Principles for Capsules (Hollow Capsules)

    Yuhui  Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drugs Control  Director

  • 11:20-12:00 Packaging Design and Selection of Solid Preparations

    Hanjun  Institute of Biopharmaceuticals, Liaocheng University  Dean

  • June 19:Packaging Material and Whole Packaging Design of Injection Preparations
  • 13:00-13:40 Effect of Injection Packaging Materials on Consistency Evaluation of Generic Pharmaceuticals

    Sunyi  Hengrui Pharma  Director of Infusion Department

  • 13:40-14:10 The Use of Porous Materials in the “inprocess” Packaging of Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing •How to reduce cross-contamination has become a focus in the pharmaceutical industry. GMP also has clear regulations on microorganisms and particles. More and more pharmaceutical manufacturers require that the highest protection level can be achieved in every aspect of manufacturing. •Since 1967 when Tyvek® is produced, it offers a higher level of safety in various industries and applications. In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Tyvek® meets stringent international standards and offers trusted solutions to reduce cross-contamination.

    Diana Dai  DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd  Global Industry Vertical Manager of Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • 14:10-14:50 Comparison and Compatibility of Rubber Plug Standards at Home and Abroad

    Xujun  Shanghai Institute for Food and Drugs Control  Doctor

  • 15:00-15:30 High quality medicinal glass facilitates drug consistency evaluation

    Michael Schinella  Corning Pharmaceutical Glass S.P.A.  Global Sales Director

  • 15:30-16:10 How to optimize syringes and increase drug experience price

    Xinjin Sun  Suzhou Otsuka Pharmaceutical co., LTD  Director of R&D Department